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Christology Of The Old Testament by Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg

Transcriber's Note

Images taken from the 1868 edition, found at, is the source of the text used for this ebook.

Unclear or missing punctuation marks were corrected by reference to the 1854 edition of this work.

The Latin diphthong oe is expressed by [oe]; superscripts are preceded by a caret (^), e.g.2^a, 2(superscript |a|).

Greek words are directly transliterated using the English equivalents of the Greek; the Greek eta is transliterated as e and omega as o. Diacritic marks are omitted with the exception of the initial hard breathing mark which is indicated by an |h| before the initial vowel of the word.

Hebrew words, which in this book are mainly represented without the vowel and pronunciation points, are transcribed as follows:

Alef = a Lahmed = l
Bet = b Mem = m (final = M) Gimel = g Nun = n (final = N) Dalet = d Samekh = s
He = h Ahyin = i
Vav = v Peh = p (final = P) Zayin = z Tsadi = c (final = C) Het = H Qof = q
Tet = T Resh = r
Yod = i Shin = w
Kahf = k (final = K) Tav = t]

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