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Things As They Are by Amy Wilson-Carmichael


AGNI God of Fire.

AIYO Alas! |Ai| runs together almost like |eye.| The word is repeated rapidly, Eye-eye Y[=o] Eye-eye Y[=o]!

AMM[=A] Mother! (vocative case). |A| is pronounced like |u| in |up.| The word is also used by all women in speaking to each other, and by girls in speaking to women.

AMM[=A]L Lady or woman. |A| is pronounced like |u| in |up.|

ANNA One penny.

ARECA NUT Nut |eaten| by the Indians with betel leaf or lime.

BETEL Leaf of a creeper.

BANDY A bullock cart.

BRAHMA The first person in the Hindu Triad, regarded as the Creator.

BRAHMAN The highest of the Hindu Castes.

BRAMO SAMAJ A sect of Hindu reformers who honour Christ as a man, but reject Him as a Saviour.

CHEE! Exclamation of derision, disgust, or remonstrance.

COMPOUND A piece of ground surrounding a house.

COOLIE A paid labourer. |Coolie| is the Tamil word for pay.

CURRY A preparation of meat or vegetables made by grinding various condiments and mixing them together.

FAKEER Religious beggar.

GURU A religious teacher.

IYER Title given to Brahmans and Gurus.

PADDY Rice in the husk. Paddy fields = rice fields.

PARIAH A depressed class.

P[=U]JAH Worship. |[=u]| is pronounced like |oo.|

RUPEE Value 1s.4d.

SAIVITE A worshipper of Siva.

SALAAM A salutation meaning |peace,| used in greeting and farewell, and often in the sense of |thank you.|
The right hand is raised to the forehead as one says salaam.

SEELEY Tamil woman's dress of silk, muslin, or cotton.

SHANAR A Caste of Palmyra-palm climbers.

SIVA The third person in the Hindu Triad. The Destroyer.

TOM-TOM An Indian drum.

VAISHNAVITE A worshipper of Vishnu.

VELLALAR A Caste of landowners and cultivators.

VISHNU The second person in the Hindu Triad. The Preserver.

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