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The Ministry Of Intercession by Andrew Murray

TWENTIETH DAY For God's Spirit on the Heathen

WHAT TO PRAY. -- For God's Spirit on the Heathen

=|Behold, these shall come from far; and these from the land of Sinim.|= -- ISA. xlix.12.

=|Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall haste to stretch out her hands to God.|= -- PS. lxviii.31.

=|I the Lord will hasten it in His time.|= -- ISA. lx.22.

Pray for the heathen, who are yet without the word. Think of China, with her three hundred millions -- a million a month dying without Christ. Think of Dark Africa, with its two hundred millions. Think of thirty millions a year going down into the thick darkness. If Christ gave His life for them, will you not do so? You can give yourself up to intercede for them. Just begin, if you have never yet begun, with this simple monthly school of intercession. The ten minutes you give will make you feel this is not enough. God's Spirit will draw you on. Persevere, however feeble you are. Ask God to give you some country or tribe to pray for. Can anything be nobler than to do as Christ did? Give your life for the heathen.

HOW TO PRAY. -- With Confident Expectation of an Answer

=|Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and will shew thee great things and difficult, which thou knowest not.|= -- JER. xxxiii.3.

=|Thus saith the Lord God: I will yet be inquired of, that I do it.|= -- EZEK. xxxvi.37.

Both texts refer to promises definitely made, but their fulfilment would depend upon prayer: God would be inquired of to do it.

Pray for God's fulfilment of His promises to His Son and His Church, and expect the answer. Plead for the heathen: plead God's Promises.








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