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Hurlbuts Bible Lessons by Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut


Lesson I. The Angel by the Altar and in Nazareth.

(Tell Story 1 of Part VI, in |Hurlbut's Story of the Bible.|)

=To the Teacher:=

In beginning the lesson the teacher should state the subject of the lesson for the day, and ask one or two questions about it, to get the children interested at the outset. Then, the teacher should tell the story from |Hurlbut's Story of the Bible,| explaining how God sent his Angel G[=a]´br[)i]-el to Z[)a]ch-a-r[=i]´as, the old priest in the temple, to tell him that his wife [+E]-l[)i][s+]´a-b[)e]th should have a son, and that the name of the son should be J[)o]hn. Explain that J[)o]hn was to be sent into the world to prepare people for the coming of Chr[=i]st. Then tell how the same Angel G[=a]´br[)i]-el was sent to the City of N[)a]z´a-r[)e]th to a young woman named M[=a]´r[)y] to tell her that she was to have a son who was to be called J[=e]´[s+]us. Then teach the class the answers to the following questions on the subject of this lesson, and explain to the little pupils just where to find the answers to the questions of the first lesson, and have them answer the questions in class either singly or in chorus. The children should understand that the questions are to be asked them by parents or older brothers and sisters until they have fixed in their minds the story of the lesson, and are able to tell it in their own language.

=1.= What angel was sent by God to J[+e]-r[u:]´s[+a]-l[)e]m? =The angel G[=a]´br[)i]-el.=

=2.= To whom was the angel G[=a]´br[)i]-el sent? =To a priest named Z[)a]ch-a-r[=i]´as.=

=3.= What did the angel tell Z[)a]ch-a-r[=i]´as? =That his wife should have a son.=

=4.= What was the name of the wife of Z[)a]ch-a-r[=i]´as? =[+E]-l[)i][s+]´a-b[)e]th.=

=5.= What name was to be given to this son promised to Z[)a]ch-a-r[=i]´as and [+E]-l[)i][s+]´a-b[)e]th? =The name of J[)o]hn.=

=6.= For what did the angel say that J[)o]hn, when he grew up, should make the people ready? =For the coming of the Lord.=

=7.= To what city was the angel G[=a]´br[)i]-el sent after this? =To the city of N[)a]z´a-r[)e]th.=

=8.= To whom did the angel speak in N[)a]z´a-r[)e]th? =To a young woman named M[=a]´r[)y].=

=9.= What did the angel tell M[=a]´r[)y]? =That she should have a son.=

=10.= What name was to be given to her son? =The name J[=e]´[s+]us.=

=11.= Where did J[)o]hn, the son of Z[)a]ch-a-r[=i]´as and [+E]-l[)i][s+]´a-b[)e]th, live while he was a boy? =In the desert.=

Lesson II. The Stable and Shepherds.

(Tell Story 2 in Part Sixth.)

Let the teacher ask, |Who can tell the name of the husband of M[=a]´r[)y], the young woman in N[)a]z´a-r[)e]th to whom God sent his angel?| And after receiving an answer ask What place J[=o]´[s+]eph and M[=a]´r[)y] went to and where M[=a]´r[)y]'s child was born? After the answers have been given, tell the story of the lesson and teach the children the answers to the questions on the lesson. The subject should be reviewed in class until each child is able to answer the questions intelligently, and to be able to tell a connected story of the lesson. Reference may also be made to the preceding story in each class, so that the children learn to connect each lesson correctly with the others.

=1.= Who was the husband of M[=a]´r[)y], the young woman in N[)a]z´a-r[)e]th to whom the angel came? =A man named J[=o]´[s+]eph.=

=2.= To what place did J[=o]´[s+]eph and M[=a]´r[)y] go? =To B[)e]th´l[)e]-h[)e]m, near J[+e]-r[u:]´s[+a]-l[)e]m.=

=3.= Where was the child of M[=a]´r[)y] born? =In a stable in B[)e]th´l[)e]-h[)e]m.=

=4.= What name was given to this child? =The name J[=e]´[s+]us.=

=5.= What does the word J[=e]´[s+]us mean? =It means |salvation.|=

=6.= Why was this name given to this child? =Because he is the Saviour of the world.=

=7.= To what people were brought the first news that the Saviour had come? =To shepherds near B[)e]th´l[)e]-h[)e]m.=

=8.= What did the shepherds do as soon as they heard the news? =They went to B[)e]th´l[)e]-h[)e]m and saw the little child and his mother.=

=9.= Who saw the child when he was brought into the Temple, knew that he was the Saviour, and took him up in his arms? =S[)i]m´e-on.=

=10.= What woman also saw the child and gave thanks to God? =[)A]n´n[.a].=

Lesson III. The Wise Men and the Star.

(Tell Story 3 in Part Sixth.)

=1.= What men from a distant land came to see J[=e]´[s+]us? =Wise men from the east.=

=2.= What led them on their journey to the land where J[=e]´[s+]us was born? =A star in the sky.=

=3.= What question did the wise men ask? =|Where is he that is born King of the Jew[s+]?|=

=4.= Of whom did they ask this question? =Of H[)e]r´od the king.=

=5.= To which place did H[)e]r´od send them? =To B[)e]th´l[)e]-h[)e]m.=

=6.= What did they find in B[)e]th´l[)e]-h[)e]m? =The little child and his mother.=

=7.= What did they do when they saw the child? =They gave him rich gifts.=

=8.= What did an angel tell J[=o]´[s+]eph to do after the wise men had gone away? =To take the child to [=E]´[.g][)y]pt.=

=9.= Why must the child be taken to [=E]´[.g][)y]pt? =To save his life from King H[)e]r´od.=

=10.= How long did J[=o]´[s+]eph, and M[=a]´r[)y], and the child J[=e]´[s+]us stay in [=E]´[.g][)y]pt? =Until King H[)e]r´od died.=

=11.= Where did J[=o]´[s+]eph and M[=a]´r[)y] take the child J[=e]´[s+]us from [=E]´[.g][)y]pt? =To N[)a]z´a-r[)e]th.=

=9.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us tell this woman that he could give her? =Living water.=

=10.= How did J[=e]´[s+]us say that all should worship God? =In spirit and in truth.=

Lesson IX. Jesus at Cana and Nazareth.

(Tell Story 9 in Part Sixth.)

=1.= W =3.= What did J[+a]-[=i]´rus ask J[=e]´[s+]us to do? =To cure his sick daughter.=

=4.= Who met J[=e]´[s+]us on his way to the house of J[+a]-[=i]´rus? =A sick woman.=

=5.= What did this woman do? =She touched his robe.=

=6.= What came to the woman a =2.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us do to the blind man? =He put clay on his eyes.=

=3.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us tell the blind man to do? =To wash in the pool of S[)i]-l[=o]´am.=

=4.= What change came to the blind man after he had washed in the pool of S[)i]-l[ Lesson XXIV. Jesus at Jericho.

(Tell Story 29 in Part Sixth.)

=1.= What city did J[=e]´[s+]us visit, as he was leaving the land of P[+e]-r[=e]´a? =J[)e]r´[)i]-ch[=o].=

=2.= Whom did J[=e]´[s+]us meet at the gate of J[)e]r´[)i]-ch[=o]? =A blind man.=

=3.= What was this blind man's name? =Bär-ti-mæ´us.=

=4.= What did Bär-ti-mæ´us cry out as J[=e]´[s+]us came near? =|Have mercy on me.|=

=5.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us do to blind Bär-ti-mæ´us? =He gave to him sight=.

=6.= With what rich man did J[=e]´[s+]us stay while he was in J[)e]r´[)i]-ch[=o]? =With Z[)a]c-chæ´us.=

=7.= What did the people think that Z[)a]c-chæ´us was? =A sinner.=

=8.= For what purpose did J[=e]´[s+]us say that he came? =To seek and to save the lost.=

=9.= What parable did J[=e]´[s+]us give at that time? =The parable of the Pounds.=

=10.= What does the parable of the Pounds show us that we should do? =That we should work for Chr[=i]st.=

Lesson XXV. Palm Sunday.

(Tell Story 30 in Part Sixth.)

=1.= To what place did J[=e]´[s+]us go from J[)e]r´[)i]-ch[=o]? =To B[)e]th´a-n[)y], near J[+e]-r[u:]´s[+a]-l[)e]m.=

=2.= What was made for J[=e]´[s+]us in B[)e]th´a-n[)y]? =A supper.=

=3.= Who came to J[=e]´[s+]us at this supper? =M[=a]´r[)y], the sister of L[)a]z´a-r[)u]s.=

=4.= What did M[=a]´r[)y] do to J[=e]´[s+]us? =She poured costly perfume on him.=

=5.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us say of M[=a]´r[)y]? =|She has done a good work.|=

=6.= Which of J[=e]´[s+]us' disciples agreed to sell him to his enemies? =J[=u]´das.=

=7.= What did the enemies of J[=e]´[s+]us promise to give J[=u]´das, if he would give J[=e]´[s+]us to them? =Thirty pieces of silver.=

=8.= Over what mountain did J[=e]´[s+]us ride, from B[)e]th´a-n[)y] to J[+e]-r[u:]´s[+a]-l[)e]m? =The Mount of [)O]l´[)i]ve[s+].=

=9.= Who went with J[=e]´[s+]us as he rode over the Mount of [)O]l´[)i]ve[s+]? =A great company of people.=

=10.= What did the people carry and wave around J[=e]´[s+]us? =Branches of palm trees.=

=11.= What did they call out together? =Praises to J[=e]´[s+]us as king.=

Lesson XXVI. The Last Visits to the Temple.

(Tell Story 31 of Part Sixth.)

=1.= Where did J[=e]´[s+]us go on the morning after he rode over the Mount of [)O]l´[)i]ve[s+]? =To the temple in J[+e]-r[u:]´s[+a]-l[)e]m.=

=2.= What did he do in the temple? =He drove out the people who were buying and selling.=

=3.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us say of the temple? =|My house shall be called a house of prayer.|=

=4.= Who came to hear J[=e]´[s+]us as he was teaching in the temple? =The common people.=

=5.= Where did J[=e]´[s+]us stay at night, during those days while he was teaching in the temple? =At B[)e]th´a-n[)y].=

=6.= What parable did J[=e]´[s+]us give on the last day of his teaching in the temple? =|The Wedding Feast.|=

=7.= Who were invited to the wedding feast? =Everybody, both rich and poor.=

=8.= Who came to the feast? =A man without a wedding garment.=

=9.= What was done with the man who had no wedding garment? =He was sent away from the feast.=

=10.= Whose gift in the temple did J[=e]´[s+]us praise? =The gift of a poor woman.=

Lesson XXVII. On the Mount of Olives.

(Tell Story 32 of Part Sixth.)

=1.= To what place did J[=e]´[s+]us go with his disciples from the temple? =To the Mount of [)O]l´[)i]ve[s+].=

=2.= Of what did J[=e]´[s+]us tell his disciples on the Mount? =Of things to come.=

=3.= What parable did he give to them at that time? =|The Ten Young Women.|=

=4.= To what were these young women going? =To a wedding at night.=

=5.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us say of these women? =Five were wise and five were foolish.=

=6.= Wherein were the five young women foolish? =In not taking oil for their lamps.=

=7.= Of what time to come did J[=e]´[s+]us tell his disciples? =Of the time when J[=e]´[s+]us shall sit as king.=

=8.= Who shall then stand before J[=e]´[s+]us? =All the people of the world.=

=9.= What shall J[=e]´[s+]us say in that day to those on his right hand, who have done his will? =|Come, ye that are blessed of my Father.|=

=10.= What shall he say to those on his left hand? =|Go away from me, ye wicked.|=

Lesson XXVIII. At the Supper and in the Garden.

(Tell Stories 33 and 34 in Part Sixth.)

=1.= What meal did J[=e]´[s+]us take with his disciples one night? =The last supper.=

=2.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us say at the supper as he gave his disciples the bread? =|This is my body.|=

=3.= What did he say as he gave them the cup of wine? =|This is my blood.|=

=4.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us do after the supper? =He washed the disciples' feet.=

=5.= Where did he go with the disciples on that night? =To a garden.=

=6.= What did J[=e]´[s+]us do in the garden? =He prayed to God.=

=7.= Who came to the garden to find J[=e]´[s+]us? =J[=u]´das and the enemies of J[=e]´[s+]us.=

=8.= What did these enemies do? =They bound J[=e]´[s+]us and took him away=.

=9.= To what place did they take J[=e]´[s+]us? =To the high-priest's house.=

=10.= What did the disciples do at that time? =They left J[=e]´[s+]us alone.=

Lesson XXIX. The Trial of Jesus.

(Tell Story 35 in Part Sixth.)

=1.= Before whom was J[=e]´[s+]us brought for trial? =Before the high-priest C[=a]´ia-ph[)a]s.=

=2.= What did the high-priest ask J[=e]´[s+]us? =|Are you the Chr[=i]st, the Son of God?|=

=3.= How did J[=e]´[s+]us answer the high-priest? =|I am.|=

=4 =13.= With what two sisters did J[=e]´[s+]us stay near J[+e]-r[u:]´s[+a]-l[)e]m? =With Mär´th[.a] and M[=a]´r[)y].=

=14.= What brother of these two sisters did J[=e]´[s+]us raise to life? =L[)a]z´a-r[)u]s.=

=15.= To what blind man did J[=e]´[s+]us giv

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