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Hurlbuts Bible Lessons by Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut


Lesson XXIII. Saul as King.

(Tell Stories 1, 2 and 3 in Part Third.)

=1.= How did S[a:]ul begin his rule as king of [)I][s+]´ra-el? =He began by doing brave deeds.=

=2.= What good things did S[a:]ul do soon after he became king? =He drove away the enemies of [)I][s+]´ra-el.=

=3.= Who helped S[a:]ul in his wars? =His brave son J[)o]n´a-than.=

=4.= Over what enemies did J[)o]n´a-than win a great victory? =Over the Ph[)i]-l[)i]s´t[)i]ne[s+].=

=5.= Who spoke to S[a:]ul the word of the Lord? =S[)a]m´u-el, the prophet.=

=6.= What is a prophet? =A man who speaks God's word.=

=7.= What did S[a:]ul do that was wrong? =He disobeyed God's words.=

=8.= What did S[)a]m´u-el say to S[a:]ul? =|Obeying God is better than offerings.|=

=9.= What did S[)a]m´u-el say that the Lord would do to S[a:]ul? =That he would take the kingdom from him.=

=10.= How did S[)a]m´u-el feel when he saw that S[a:]ul would not obey the Lord? =He wept for S[a:]ul.=

Lesson XXIV. The Boy David.

(Tell Stories 4 and 5 in Part Third.)

=1.= To what place did God send S[)a]m´u-el to find a king in the place of S =10.= What happened to [)A]b´sa-l[)o]m in the battle? =He was killed.=

=11.= What came to D[=a]´vid? =He reigned again as king.=

Lesson XXIX. Solomon.

(Omit Story 16. Tell Stories 17 and 18 in Part Third.)

=1.= What did D[=a]´vid wish to do whi

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