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Hurlbuts Bible Lessons by Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut


Lesson XV. How Jericho was Taken.

(Tell Stories 1 and 2 in Part Second.)

=1.= Who became the ruler of the [)I][s+]´ra-el-[=i]tes after M[=o]´[s+]e[s+] died? =J[)o]sh´u-[.a].=

=2.= What did God say to J[)o]sh´u-[.a] when he took charge of the [)I][s+]´ra-el-[=i]tes? =|Be strong and of a good courage.|=

=3.= Where was the camp of the [)I][s+]´ra-el-[=i]tes at that time? =Beside the river Jôr´dan.=

=4.= What land was in front of them across the river? =The land of C[=a]´n[)a]an.=

=5.= What city of C[=a]´n[)a]an was near to the river? =The city of J[)e]r´[)i]-ch[=o].=

=6.= Whom did J[)o]sh´u-[.a] send to look at the city of J[)e]r´[)i]-ch[=o]? =Two spies.=

=7.= What woman hid the two spies and saved their lives? =R[=a]´h[)a]b.=

=8.= How did God help the [)I][s+]´ra-el-[=i]tes to cross the river Jôr´dan? =The river became dry.=

=9.= How did God help them to take the city of J[)e]r´[)i]-ch[=o]? =Its walls fell down.=

=10.= What became of R[=a]´h[)a]b, who had helped the spies? =Her life was saved.=

Lesson XVI. How the Land of Canaan was Won.

(Tell Stories 3, 4, 5 and 7 in Part Second. Omit Story 6.)

=1.= To what place did J[)o]sh´u-[.a] lead the [)I][s+]´ra-e =7.= What did the people say when they saw their new king? =|Long live the King.|=

=8.= What did S[)a]m´u-el do for the king and the people? =He wrote the laws of the land in a book.=

=9.= Where did S[a:]ul live as king? =At [=G][)i]b´e-ah.=


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