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Hurlbuts Bible Lessons by Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut


Lesson I. The Beautiful Garden.

(Tell Story 1 in |Hurlbut's Story of the Bible.|)

=To the Teacher:=

Under the title of each lesson throughout these pages will be seen instructions to tell certain lessons, with numbers. These numbered lessons and parts correspond with the numbered lessons and parts in |Hurlbut's Story of the Bible.|

Let the teacher begin by asking, |Who can tell us what is the first verse of the Bible?| When hands are raised, call on three or four children to repeat the verse in turn; then let all the class repeat it in concert. Explain what the verse means, that God made the world, and all the things in it. Tell the story of the creation of the world; of the first man and the first woman; the Garden of [=E]´d[)e]n, and how [)A]d´[)a]m and [=E]ve lost their home, and were driven out. Then teach the class the answers to the following questions. At the close of the lesson, see that every young pupil is shown just where the questions and answers on the lesson are found. The answers should be reviewed by parents, or older brothers and sisters, until the child can repeat them thoroughly, and can tell in his own language, the story of the lesson.

Questions and Answers.

=1.= What is the first verse in the Bible? =|In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.|=

=2.= What does this mean? =That God made all things.=

=3.= In how many days does the Bible tell us that God made the world? =In six days.=

=4.= On what day did God rest from his work? =On the seventh day.=

=5.= Whom did God make as the first man? =[)A]d´[)a]m.=

=6.= Who was the first woman? =[=E]ve.=

=7.= What place did God give to [)A]d´[)a]m and [=E]ve as their home? =The garden of [=E]´d[)e]n.=

=8.= How long did [)A]d´[)a]m and [=E]ve live in the beautiful garden? =As long as they did what God told them to do.=

=9.= What became of them when they did not obey God's word? =They were driven out of the garden.=

Lesson II. The Earliest People.

(Tell Stories 2 and 3.)

=To the Teacher:=

1. In the story of C[=a]in and [=A]´b[)e]l, explain carefully what is meant by |an altar|; and how in early times people came to God in prayer. With little children, use the word |praying,| rather than |worship,| and |gift to God| or |offering,| rather than |sacrifice.|

2. In the story of |The Great Ship,| explain what |an ark| was, properly a chest or box; in this story, a great ship, built not to sail fast, but to float on the water, and to hold a great amount. Perhaps it was made so large, not only to carry many animals and their food, but also very many people, if the people had been willing to be saved by it.

=1.= Who was the first child of [)A]d´[)a]m and [=E]ve after they were sent out of the garden of [=E]´d[)e]n? =C[=a]in.=

=2.= What was the name of C[=a]in's younger brother? =[=A]´b[)e]l.=

=3.= What wicked thing did C[=a]in do when the two boys grew up to be men? =He killed his brother [=A]´b[)e]l.=

=4.= What does the Bible tell of the earliest people who were on the earth? =They lived to be hundreds of years old.=

=5.= Who lived the longest of any of those people? =M[+e]-th[u:]´se-lah, who lived more than nine hundred years.=

=6.= Were those who lived at that time good people? =Nearly all of them were very wicked.=

=7.= What good man lived in those times? =[=E]´n[)o]ch, who walked with God.=

=8.= What was the end of [=E]´n[)o]ch's life? =He did not die, but God took him to himself.=

=9.= What came upon the earth on account of the wickedness of its people? =A great flood.=

=10.= What good man with his family was saved from the flood? =N[=o]´ah who built the Ark.=

=11.= On what mountain did N[=o]´ah and his family leave the ark after the flood? =On Mount Âr´a-r[)a]t.=

Lesson III. Abram.

(Tell Stories 4 and 5. It might be well to end the story, for the present, at the foot of page 52, and leave the story of Lot for the next lesson.)

=1.= What was the name of the first large city built after the great flood? =B[=a]´bel, afterward called B[)a]b´[)y]-lon.=

=2.= What happened to the people who were building a great tower in this city? =They could not understand each other's speech.=

=3.= What did these people of different languages do? =They went away to different lands.=

=4.= Who was [=A]´br[)a]m? =A good man, who prayed to God.=

=5.= To what did all the other people of [=A]´br[)a]m's time pray? =To gods of wood and stone.=

=6.= What did God tell [=A]´br[)a]m to do? =To go to a land far away.=

=7.= What was God's promise to [=A]´br[)a]m? =|I will be with thee and bless thee.|=

=8.= To what land did [=A]´br[)a]m go, obeying God's word? =To the land of C[=a]´n[)a]an.=

=9.= How did [=A]´br[)a]m and his family live in the land of C[=a]´n[)a]an? =In tents, moving from place to place.=

=10.= What did [=A]´br[)a]m build whenever he set up his tent? =An altar for prayer to God.=

Lesson IV. Abram and Lot.

(Begin at page 53 in Story 5; tell stories 6 and 8, omitting all of Story 7, except to tell that Abram's name was changed to Abraham.)

=1.= Who was L[)o]t? =He was [=A]´br[)a]m's nephew, who at first lived with [=A]´br[)a]m.=

=2.= Where did L[)o]t live, after he left his uncle [=A]´br[)a]m? =Near the wicked city of S[)o]d´om.=

=3.= What happened to L[)o]t and his family at S[)o]d´om? =They were carried away by enemies in war.=

=4.= How was L[)o]t saved from those enemies a =9.= In what part of [=E]´[.g][)y]pt did they live? =In the land of G[=o]´shen.=

Lesson IX. The Youth of Moses.

(Tell Story 20.)

=1.= How long did the [)I][s+]´ra-el-[=i]tes stay in [=E]´[.g][)y]pt? =More than four hundred years.=

=2.= How did

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