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Hurlbuts Bible Lessons by Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut


1. Let the teacher in advance read over the questions and answers of the lesson, note their relation to the story as told in |The Story of the Bible,| and to some extent fit the story to the lesson which is to be taught.

2. Tell the story (or stories) of the day's lesson to the children, following the plan given in the book. Use very simple words and avoid all that are in any sense technical, or above the mind of a child.

3. After telling the story for the day, the children may be divided into classes, and assistants may teach the questions and answers. But before the close of the session it would be well to ask all the questions, and have the answers given by the children.

4. In order to complete each course, in the Old Testament and in the New, within a year, it may be necessary to omit some of the lessons, where classes take a vacation in the summer. To complete the course of each year in such classes the Reviews at the end of each series of lessons might be omitted, although they will be valuable as summaries of the important facts of the lesson. Some teachers might prefer to omit from the Old Testament lessons, some of the following in order to complete the course in a year. Lesson XXVIII David and Absalom; XXX The Temple; XXXVI Elisha and Jonah; XXXVIII, XXXIX The Kings of Judah; XLIV Queen Esther. These are suggested for omission not because they are unimportant or uninteresting, but in case some lessons must be omitted. In order to complete the course in one year in the New Testament lessons, the following might be omitted, if some must be. XVI The Mothers Prayer; XX The Good Shepherd; XXIII Jesus and the Children; XXVI, XXVII The Last Teachings.

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