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Days Of Heaven Upon Earth by Rev. A. B. Simpson

APRIL 29. |Love never faileth| (I. Cor. xiii. 8).

|Love never faileth| (I. Cor. xiii.8).

In our work for God it is a great thing to find the key to men's hearts, and recognize something good as a point of contact for our spiritual influence. When Jesus met the woman at Samaria He immediately seized hold of the best things in her, and by this He reached her heart, and drew from her a willing confession of her salvation. A Scotchman once said that his salvation was all due to the fact that a good man (Lord Shaftsbury, we believe) once put his arms around him and said, |John, by the grace of God we will make a man of you yet.|

The old legend tells the story of a poor, dead dog lying on the street in the midst of the crowd, every one of whom was having something to say, until Jesus came along, and immediately began to admire its beautiful teeth. He had something kind to say even of him.

There is but One can live and love like this;
The Christ-love from the living Christ must spring. O! Jesus! come and live Thy life in me,
And all Thy heaven of love and blessing bring.

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