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Biographia Scoticana Scots Worthies by John Howie

Transcriber's note:

In the original text, Scottish names, such as M'Clelland or M'Kail, sometimes use a regular apostrophe and sometimes a reversed apostrophe. In this transcription, the ASCII apostrophe character (') has been used throughout.

Greek has been transliterated in this version of the e-text, and is surrounded by braces, {like this}.

A caret character (^) is used to indicate a superscript in |Rob^t.| and |ALEX^R.|

Page numbers in the Contents, Errata, and these notes, refer to the page numbers in the original text. The original page numbers have an error: the page following 336 is numbered 347.

Missing quotation marks and other minor punctuation errors and inconsistencies such as differing hyphenations of words have been silently corrected.

Missing or poorly printed letters in words have been silently supplied.

Illegible text that could not be supplied from other sources is marked {illegible}.

Where a word differs from modern spelling, but is consistent within the text, e.g. atchievement, the original spelling is retained. Other typographical errors have been corrected, particularly where there is inconsistency within the text. A detailed list of these changes (including those described in the Errata) can be found at the end of the text.

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