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The Faithful Promiser by John Ross Macduff

22D DAY. An End of Weeping.

|He is Faithful that Promised.|

|The days of thy mourning shall be ended.| -- ISAIAH lx.20.

An End of Weeping.

Christ's people are a weeping band, though there be much in this lovely world to make them joyous and happy. Yet when they think of sin -- their own sin, and the unblushing sins of a world in which their God is dishonoured -- need we wonder at their tears? -- that they should be called |Mourners,| and their pilgrimage-home a |Valley of Tears?| Bereavement, and sickness, and poverty, and death, following the track of sin, add to their mourning experience; and with many of God's best beloved, one tear is scarce dried when another is ready to flow! Mourners! rejoice! When the reaping time comes, the weeping time ends! When the white robe and the golden harp are bestowed, every remnant of the sackcloth attire is removed. The moment the pilgrim, whose forehead is here furrowed with woe, bathes it in the crystal river of life, -- that moment the pangs of a lifetime of sorrow are eternally forgotten! Reader! if thou art one of these careworn ones, the days of thy mourning are numbered! A few more throbbings of this aching heart, and then the angel who proclaims |time,| shall proclaim also, sorrow, and sighing, and mourning, to |be no longer!| Seek now to mourn thy sins more than thy sorrows; reserve thy bitterest tears for forgetfulness of thy dear Lord. The saddest and sorest of all bereavements, is when the sins which have separated thee from Him, evoke the anguish-cry, |Where is my God?|


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