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The Faithful Promiser by John Ross Macduff

14TH DAY. Safe Walking.

|He is Faithful that Promised.|

|All the Paths of the Lord are mercy and truth, unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.| -- PSALM xxv.10.

Safe Walking.

The paths of the Lord? My soul! never follow thine own paths. If thou dost so, thou wilt be in danger often of following sight rather than faith, -- choosing the evil, and refusing the good. But |commit thy way unto the Lord, and He shall bring it to pass.| Let this be thy prayer, |Show me Thy ways, O Lord; teach me Thy paths.| Oh! for Caleb's spirit, |wholly to follow the Lord my God,| -- to follow Him when self must be sacrificed, and hardship must be borne, and trials await me. To |walk with God,| -- to ask in simple faith, |What wouldst thou have me to do?| -- to have no will of my own, save this, that God's will is to be my will. Here is safety, -- here is happiness. Fearlessly follow the Guiding Pillar. He will lead you by a right way, though it may be by a way of hardship, and crosses, and losses, and privations, to the city of habitation. Oh! the blessedness of thus lying passive in the hands of God; saying, |Undertake thou for me!| -- dwelling with holy gratitude on past mercies and interpositions -- taking these as pledges of future faithfulness and love -- hearing His voice behind us, amid life's manifold perplexities, exclaiming, |This is the way, walk ye in it!| |Happy,| surely, |are every people who are in such a case!| Happy, Reader! will it be for thee, if thou canst form the resolve in a strength greater than thine own: |This God shall be my God for ever and ever; He shall be my Guide even unto death!|


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