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That Gospel Sermon On The Blessed Hope by Dwight L. Moody




|The Plan of Redemption is an earnest book, evidently prepared after no little study, and with a conscientious desire to advance the cause of Christ. The Bible is made the basis of argument; it contains many fresh and well considered suggestions. The careful reader will find much that is valuable.| -- Watchman and Reflector.

|This treatise aims to serve up the gospel scheme in a compact form. It states the plan and work well, and usually correctly. It refuses to concede primal immortality to Adam, and adopts the pre-millennial view. It is a good treatise.| -- Zion's Herald.

|Your book contains sublime ideas and deep thoughts. There are parts of it I like very much| -- W. H. Shailer., D.D.

Neatly bound in Cloth, 460 pages. Price, [USD]1.25. Postpaid by Mail.

THE BEREAN'S CASKET AND REPOSITORY. By I. C. Wellcome. Cloth. Price, [USD]1.50, leather [USD]2.00, by mail.

THE FIVE KINGDOMS, of Daniel 2d and 7th chapters. Illustrated. By I. C. Wellcome. Price, [USD]1.25 per 100: 85 cts. per doz., by mail.

THE NEW WORLD. Showing the hope of the church and what is to be their inheritance.24 pp. By I. C. Wellcome. [USD]2.00 per hundred.

LOST OR SAVED? COMFORT IN AFFLICTION. LIVING WATERS.4 pp. each. By I. C. Wellcome. By mail, 300 for [USD]1.00.

THE GOSPEL HOPE. By a CONGREGATIONALIST. On the prominence and importance of the subject of the Lord's coming, as shown in the Scriptures.12 pp. [USD]1.00 per 100; 25 cents per doz., by mail.

THE FAITHFUL WATCHMAN. By Rev. J. R. MACDUFF, D.D., and Rev. J. H. BROOKES, D.D. On the Second Coming of Christ, the duty to watch.12 pp. [USD]1.00 per 100; 25 cts. per dozen, by mail.

MEAT IN DUE SEASON. By Sir CHARLES SABINE, London, Eng. A very valuable tract showing that the church is starving for lack of gospel truth.8pp.2 doz. for 25 cts., or 150 for [USD]1.00, post-paid.

THE PRESENT AGE. By H. BONAR, D.D., London. A thorough expose of the boasted progress of the present age.24 pp. By mail, 40 cts., or [USD]2.00 per hundred.

CHRIST'S REIGN REJECTED. By J. A. SEISS, D.D. On the scoffers and sceptics, in and out of the church, against the promise of Christ's return. An important tract.4 pp. By mail, 300 for [USD]1.00.

THE PRESENT TIMES FORETOLD. By Rev. G. L. WALKER, Congregationalist. An excellent tract of four pp.300 for [USD]1.00.

THE LIGHT OF PROPHECY. By Rev. J. H. BROOKES, D.D., Presbyterian. An important tract on the Second Coming of Christ, the neglect of the ministry and the value of prophecy.12 pp. By mail, [USD]1.00 per 100; 25 cts. per dozen.

BIBLE HOLINESS. By Eld. O. R. Fassett. Price, 5 cents.

THE BIBLE ORDER OF THE MILLENNIUM AND THE SECOND ADVENT OF CHRIST. A thorough statement of Bible truth. By DANIEL D. BUCK, D.D. (Methodist.) Price 10 cts.

MILLENARIANISM AND MISSIONS. A review of Dr. Huntington's charge against Millenarianism. By DANIEL D. BUCK, D.D. Price, single, 5 cts.35 cts. per doz., [USD]2.50 per 100.

RESURRECTION DESTINIES. A very valuable work on the resurrection and destiny of all. By DANIEL D. BUCK, D.D. Price 15 cts.

Published by The Scriptural Publishing Society, Yarmouth, Me. Address I. C. WELLCOME.

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