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The Fulfilment Of A Dream Of Pastor Hsis by A. Mildred Cable


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(Drawn from Final Examination Papers, 1915)


What answer did Christ give to the following questions? -- |What must we do that we may work the works of God?| |How can this man give us His flesh to eat?| |Hast thou seen Abraham?| |How can a man be born when he is old?|

Name five incidents in the Gospel according to St. John which illustrate the statement: |He knew what was in man.|

Name some of the abuses in the Corinthian Church, and briefly state how Paul dealt with each.

What period of human history is covered by the Book of Genesis?

Briefly trace the degeneration of the Individual, the Home, and the Nation, as recorded in the Book of Genesis.

Give an outline of the Book of Ezra.

State briefly the teaching of Christ on the following subjects: -- Fasting, Riches, Rewards, and the Forgiveness of Sin.

The establishment of the Church by Constantine proved to be its spiritual loss. Quote five verses from Scripture to show this might have been anticipated.

Mention four reasons which conduced to the spread of the Gospel in the days of the Early Church.


State clearly the advantages and disadvantages of Feudalism.

What do you know of the Spartan methods of treating children?

What do you know of the following: -- Chaucer, Rienzi, Savonarola, Simon de Montfort, Gladstone, Li Hung-chang, Bruce?

What do you understand by the term |Ostracism|?

Who were the combatants in the following battles: -- Crecy, Hastings, Marathon, Bannockburn, Waterloo?

Give an account of the causes which resulted in the Crusades, or in the French Revolution.


What are the various uses of the Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Medulla Oblongata?

Explain the process of |Hearing.| Illustrate with diagrams.

What do you know of the Crystalline Lens of the Eye?

What is meant by |Long Sight| and |Short Sight|?

What is the cause of each, and how may each be remedied?

Give a list of the Cranial Nerves.


Draw a diagram of the Blood Vessels of a Fish.

State clearly the main divisions of Zoology, and in detail those of the Bird Family.

Give a detailed account of the Ant and its habits; illustrate with diagrams.

Describe the Fauna of the Arctic Regions.


What weight of each of the following compounds is necessary to prepare 50 litres of Oxygen? -- Water, Mercuric Oxide, Potassium Chlorate.

Explain the principle of the Dewar bulb.

Define the term |Acid.| Enumerate the characteristics of a |Base.|

Two compounds were found to have the following compositions: = 43.64 per cent. phosphorus = 56.36 per cent. oxygen = 56.35 per cent. phosphorus = 43.65 per cent. Show that the Law of Multiple proportion holds in this case.

CLASSICAL ESSAY SUBJECTS. -- |The Path may not be left for an instant; if it could be left it would not be the Path. On this account the superior man does not wait until he see things to be cautious, nor see things to be apprehensive.| -- CONFUCIUS.


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