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The Worship Of The Church by Jacob A. Regester

List of Books for Reference

|Stones of the Temple.| Field.

|Our Parish Church.| Baring-Gould.

|The Spiritual House.| Huntington.

|Manual of Information.| Shinn.

|Hints on Church Furnishing,| etc. |The Living Church Quarterly,| 1892.

|Symbolism in Christian Art.| Hulme.

|Christian Iconography.| Didron.

|History of Christian Art.| Lindsay.

|Art Teaching of the Primitive Church.| Tyrwhit.

|Christian Art and Symbolism.| Tyrwhit.

|History of Medieval Art.| Reber.

|Signs and Symbols.| |The Churchman,| 1895.

|Our Mother Church.| Mercier.

|Calendar of the Prayer-Book.| Parker & Co., London.


|Red-Letter Saints.| S. P. C. K.

|Sacred and Legendary Art.| Jameson.

|Dictionary of Art.| Adelene.

|Pagan and Christian Rome.| Lanciani.

|History of the Church Catholic.| Hore.

|Handbook of Christian Symbols.| Clement.

|Dictionary of Heraldry.| Coats.

|English Heraldry.| Boutell.

|Handbook of Heraldry.| Cussan.

|Church Decoration.| French.

|Church Decoration.| Frederick Warne & Co., London.

|Folk-Lore of Plants.| Dyer.

|Sacred Trees and Flowers.| |London Quarterly Review,| 1863, vol. cxiv.

|Annotated Book of Common Prayer.| Blunt.

|The Prayer-Book.| Daniel.

|Parish Lectures on the Prayer-Book.| Snively.

|Notes on the Use of the Prayer-Book.| Hall.

|The Congregation in Church.| Mowbray & Co., London.

|Church Needlework.| Lambert.

|Embroidery for Church Guilds.| Woodward.

|Church Vestments.| Dolby.

|Vestiarum Christianum.| Harriott.

|Ecclesiastical Vestments.| Macalister.

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