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Hugh Bishop Of Lincoln by Charles L. Marson

Transcriber's note

A few obvious typographical errors have been corrected; they and other possible errors are listed below.

Inconsistent hyphenation: nowadays (now-a-days), brushwood (brush-wood), footprints (foot-prints)

Chapter I

|Under the smoothe| corrected to |Under the smooth|.

Chapter II

|seiges of Milan| not changed.

|beseiges their city| not changed.

|lord of Normany| corrected to |lord of Normandy|.

|Manuel Commenus| probable error for |Manuel Comnenus|. Not changed.

|post-Hugonian| possible error for |Post-Hugonian|. Not changed.

Chapter III

|was thorougly understood| corrected to |was thoroughly understood|.

|between Normany and England| corrected to
|between Normandy and England|.

|audibly says, 'Oh,| corrected to |audibly says, |Oh,|.

|They ought to chose| corrected to |They ought to choose|.

Chapter IV

|prae-Edwardian| not changed.

Chapter V

|beseiged in Lincoln| not changed.

|to smoothe those English| corrected to |to smooth those English|.

Chapter VI

|neural tremours| not changed.

Chapter VIII

Opening double quotation marks (signifying continued quotation) are missing from the paragraphs starting |These things, described but puerilely| and |The foundation is the body|, and have not been added.

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