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The Form Of Perfect Living And Other Prose Treatises by Richard Rolle

Scraps from the Arundel MS.

Sinful man look up and see, how
ruefully I hung on rood;
And of my penance have pity with sorrowful
heart and dreary mood:
All this, man, I suffered for thee: My flesh
was riven, all spilt My blood;
Lift up thine heart, call thou on Me, forsake
thy sin: have mercy, GOD.

* * * * *

Think oft with sore heart of thy foul sins,
Think oft of hell-woe, of heaven-kingdom's
Think of thine own death, of GOD'S death
on rood,
The grim doom of Doom's-day have thou oft
in mood:
Think how false is this world, and what its
Think what, for His good death, thou owest
thy Lord.



Wins = joys.

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