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The Ordinance Of Covenanting by John Cunningham


Page 145, line 12, for |requires,| read |require.|

Page 161, line 21, before |will persevere, &c.,| put |that.|

Page 174, line 14, for |unrevealed,| read |revealed.|

Page 198, line 17, for |even,| read |view|; line 18, for |are,| read |as.|

Page 205, line 11, for |share,| read |shun.|

Page 237, line 17, for |visitors,| read |writers.|

Page 340, line 20, for |his,| read |their.|

Transcriber's Notes:

Added footnote marker 637 after:
|four living creatures| of the New

Added footnote marker 641 after:
for a light of the Gentiles.|

Removed unnecessary closing quotation mark after:
he might have the pre-eminence.

Added closing quotation mark after:
sacrifices God is well pleased.

Corrected |Jos| to |Job| in footnote 412.

The Errata listed above have been corrected in the text, except for |requires,| which does not occur in the text as indicated.

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