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The Clementine Homilies by Unknown

Chapter LXIV.--The Bishopric.

Then Peter said: |If you are afraid of this, do not be called Ruler, but The Appointed One, the Lord having permitted you to be so called, when He said, Blessed is that man whom his Lord shall Appoint to the ministry of his fellow-servants.' But if you wish it to be altogether unknown that you have authority of administration, you seem to me to be ignorant that the acknowledged authority of the president has great influence as regards the respect of the multitude. For every one obeys him who has received authority, having conscience as a great constraint. And are you not well aware that you are not to rule as the rulers of the nations, but as a servant ministering to them, as a father to the oppressed, visiting them as a physician, guarding them as a shepherd, -- in short, taking all care for their salvation? And do you think that I am not aware what labours I compel you to undertake, desiring you to be judged by multitudes whom it is impossible for any one to please? But it is most possible for him who does well to please God. Wherefore I entreat you to undertake it heartily, by God, by Christ, for the salvation of the brethren, for their ordering, and your own profit.
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