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The Prophete Ionas With An Introduccion by William Tyndale

But [the] lorde prepared a greate fyshe

But [the] lorde prepared a greate fyshe/ to swalow vp Ionas. And so was Ionas in [the] bowels of [the] fish .iij. dayes & .iij. nightes. And Ionas prayed vnto [the] lord his god out of [the] bowels of the fish.

¶ And he sayde: in my tribulacion I called vn to the lorde/ and he answered me: out of the bely of hell I cried/ and thou herdest my voyce. For thou hadest cast me downe depe in the middes of the se: & the floud compased me aboute: and all thy waues & rowles of water went ouer me: & I thought [that] I had bene cast awaye out of thy sight. But I will yet agayne loke towarde thy holy temple. The water compased me euen vn to the very soule of me: the depe laye aboute me: and the wedes were wrappte aboude myne heed. And I went downe vn to the botome of the hylles/ and was barredin with erth on euery syde for euer. And yet thou lorde my God broughest vp my life agayne out of corrupcion. When my soule faynted in me/ I thought on the lorde: & my prayer came in vn to the/ even in to thy holy temple. They [that] obserue vayne vanities/ haue forsaken him that was mercifull vn to them. But I wil sacrifice vn to the with the voce of thankesgeuinge/ & will paye that I have vowed/ that sauinge cometh of the lorde.

¶ And the lorde spake vn to the fish: and it cast out Ionas agayne vppon [the] drie lande.

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