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The Clementine Homilies by Unknown

Chapter LII.--Sins of the Saints Denied.

Then Peter answered: |Assuredly, with good reason, I neither believe anything against God, nor against the just men recorded in the law, taking for granted that they are impious imaginations. For, as I am persuaded, neither was Adam a transgressor, who was fashioned by the hands of God; nor was Noah drunken, who was found righteous above all the world; nor did Abraham live with three wives at once, who, on account of his sobriety, was thought worthy of a numerous posterity; nor did Jacob associate with four -- of whom two were sisters -- who was the father of the twelve tribes, and who intimated the coming of the presence of our Master; nor was Moses a murderer, nor did he learn to judge from an idolatrous priest -- he who set forth the law of God to all the world, and for his right judgment has been testified to as a faithful steward.
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