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The Clementine Homilies by Unknown

Chapter XVIII.--Mistake About Simon Magus.

|Since, then, as I said, some men do not know the rule of combination, thence they do not know who is my precursor Simon. For if he were known, he would not be believed; but now, not being known, he is improperly believed; and though his deeds are those of a hater, he is loved; and though an enemy, he is received as a friend; and though he be death, he is desired as a saviour; and though fire, he is esteemed as light; and though a deceiver, he is believed as a speaker of truth.|

Then I Clement, when I heard this, said, |Who then, I pray you, is this who is such a deceiver? I should like to be informed.| Then said Peter: |If you wish to learn, it is in your power to know it from those from whom I also got accurate information on all points respecting him.

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