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Pagan And Christian Rome by Rodolfo Lanciani

Transcriber's notes:

The following typographical errors have been corrected: Page v, |Romana| changed to |Romano| (by Giulio Romano, Francesco Penni,)
Page 59, |Bulletino| changed to |Bullettino| (in footnote : See Henzen, Bullettino dell' Instituto, 1863,)
Page 91, |Receuil| changed to |Recueil| (in footnote : Leon Renier: Recueil des diplomes militaires)
Page 120, |Ardentina| changed to |Ardeatina| (S. Petronilla on the Via Ardeatina)
Page 131, |Venedetto| changed to |Benedetto| (the master-mason Benedetto Drei, whose drawing,)
Page 147, |Winckelman| two times changed to |Winckelmann| (Fea and Winckelmann assert and Winckelmann attributes their rapid decay)
Page 185, |in| changed to |is| (the urn of Agrippina is kept in the courtyard)
Page 208, |Emmanuele| changed to |Emanuele| (southwest corner of the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele)
Page 273, |astrinum| changed to |ustrinum| (it was an astrinum where corpses were cremated)
Page 314, |Bulletino| changed to |Bullettino| (in footnote : Bullettino di archeologia cristiana)
Page 327, |Nicolas| changed to |Nicholas| (from the time of Pope Nicholas I.)
Page 369, |Cerceo| changed to |Circeo| (defeats the Saracens off Cape Circeo)
Page 373, |Guilio| changed to |Giulio| (di Papa Giulio, 254;)


(From a painting by Giulio Romano, Francesco Penni and Raffaellino del Colle)]

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