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Kalli The Esquimaux Christian by Andrew Murray

Kallihirua in England

Captain Ommanney, soon after his arrival in England, brought young Kallihirua to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. At that time he could only speak a few words, such as |Ship,| |Sea,| |Very sick;| |England, things very nice,| |Captain very good|. From his language and gesture it was gathered, that he had suffered much from sea-sickness on the voyage; that he had been treated with the utmost care and kindness on board, and that he was highly pleased with English fare, and with the reception which he had met with in this country.

His manners were so gentle, and even polite, without any seeming effort, as to excite astonishment in those who knew how short a time he had enjoyed the advantages of education. It was clear that great pains had been taken with him on board the |Assistance,| where his great study had been to adapt himself to the habits and manners of those among whom his lot was so singularly cast. |In this,| says Captain Ommanney, |he succeeded; for people were surprised at his good address, when he reached England.|

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