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Kalli The Esquimaux Christian by Andrew Murray

The Narwhal


The same intrepid boldness is shown in their chase of the reindeer, the bear, and the fox. Over the boundless deserts of snow they are borne rapidly along by their faithful dogs, which are harnessed to a sledge, six or seven to the team, and which scamper away, often in seeming confusion, but with a precision of aim and object which is perfectly surprising. No country presents a finer specimen of that honest, affectionate, much-enduring creature, the dog. Kindness to animals is always praiseworthy, and to the honour of the Esquimaux women it must be said, that they are remarked for their humane treatment of these dogs. They take care of them when they are ill, and use them better than the men do. Still under blows and hard usage the dogs are faithful, and willing to labour.

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