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Kalli The Esquimaux Christian by Andrew Murray

Admiral Beechey's Account

|The characteristic features of the Esquimaux,| says Admiral Beechey, |are large fat round faces, high cheek-bones, small hazel eyes, eyebrows slanting like the Chinese, and wide mouths.| They are generally under five feet high, and have brown complexions. Beechey, in his Narrative of a Voyage to Behring's Strait, &c., in H.M.S. |Blossom,| gave a curious and particular description of the habits and customs of the Esquimaux, their wretched hovels, or |yourts,| snow-dwellings, and underground huts, and the general want of cleanliness in their persons and dwellings.

Speaking of a tribe which he visited, he says, |We found them very honest, extremely good-natured and friendly. Their tents were constructed of skins, loosely stretched over a few spars of drift-wood, and were neither wind nor water tight. The tents were, as usual, filthy, but suitable to the taste of their inhabitants, who no doubt saw nothing in them that was revolting. The natives testified much pleasure at our visit, and placed before us several dishes, amongst which were two of their choicest, -- the entrails of a fine seal, and a bowl of coagulated blood. But desirous as we were to oblige them, there was not one of our party that could be induced to partake of their hospitality. Seeing our reluctance, they tried us with another dish, consisting of the raw flesh of the narwhal, nicely cut into lumps, with an equal distribution of black and white fat, but they were not more successful here than at first.|

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