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Kalli The Esquimaux Christian by Andrew Murray

Lines on |Kallihirua in the Ship|

Kalli was a twin. His father, whose grave has been mentioned, had been dead for some years, but he had a mother living, of whom he often spoke with duty and affection. His father's name was Kirshung-oak. His mother's Sa-toor-ney. He had two sisters living with their mother. A touching circumstance, connected with his first introduction to our countrymen, has been adverted to, which gave rise to the following lines by the writer of this memoir. They were published in the |Gospel Missionary,| in the year of the arrival of Kallihirua, and are supposed to be spoken by a British sailor on board the |Assistance| --


A frost, like iron, held the air,
A calm was on the sea,
But fields of ice were spreading there,
And closing on our lee.

Our ship half bound, as if aground,
Was scarcely seen to go.
All hands on deck were gather'd round
The little ESKIMAUX.

For he had come amongst our crew,
A week or so before,
And now we knew not what to do
To put him safe ashore.

Poor lad, he strain'd his eyes in vain,
Till tears began to come,
And tried if he could see again
His mother and his home.

The Captain then saw through his glass
The Inlet, and the Bay,
But floes of ice, as green as grass,
And icebergs block'd the way.

|Up with the sail! -- the wind's awake!|
Hark to the Captain's call,
|I see, my boys, we shall not make
York Inlet, after all.|

We look'd upon the swarthy lad,
Then look'd upon each other,
And all were sure that he was sad
With thinking of his mother.

We cheer'd him up, and soon he grew
So useful and so kind,
The crew were glad, and Kalli too,
He was not left behind.

He learn'd to make the best of it,
And now, by time and care,
They tell us he can read a bit,
And say an easy prayer.

O Kalli, fail not, day by day,
To kneel to God above;
Then He will hear you when you pray,
And guard you with his love.

Go on, my friend, in years and grace,
Your precious time employ,
And you will pass, in wisdom's race,
The idle English boy.

Nay, if you learn and practise too
The lessons of your youth,
Some heathen tribes may gain from you
The light of Gospel truth.

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