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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter XXXVII.--Another Recognition.

But while Peter was detailing these things in the hearing of the old man, in a narrative which was most pleasing to the crowd, so that the hearers wept through wonder at the events, and through compassion for sufferings incident to humanity, my mother, hearing (I know not how) of the recognition of my father, rushed into the middle of us in breathless haste, crying out, and saying: |Where is my husband, my lord Faustinianus, who has been so long afflicted, wandering from city to city in search of me?| While she shouted thus like one demented, and gazed around, the old man, running up, began to embrace and hug her with many tears. And while these things were going on, Peter requested the crowds to disperse, saying that it was unseemly to remain longer; but that opportunity must be afforded them of seeing one another more privately. |But to-morrow,| said he, |if any of you wish it, let them assemble to hear the word.|
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