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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter XXXIV.--The Other Side of the Story.

Then I Clement, understanding that he perchance was my father, was drowned in tears, and my brothers also were ready to rush forward and to disclose the matter; but Peter restrained them, saying: |Be quiet, until I give you permission.| Therefore Peter, answering, said to the old man: |What was the name of your younger son?| And he said: |Clement.| Then Peter: |If I shall this day restore to you your most chaste wife and your three sons, will you believe that a modest mind can overcome unreasonable impulses, and that all things that have been spoken by us are true, and that Genesis is nothing?| Then said the old man: |As it is impossible for you to perform what you have promised, so it is impossible that anything can take place apart from Genesis.| Then says Peter: |I wish to have all who are here present as witnesses that I shall this day hand over to you your wife, who is living most chastely, with your three sons. And now take a token of these things from this, that I know the whole story much more accurately than you do; and I shall relate the whole occurrences in order, both that you may know them, and that those who are present may learn.|
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