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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter XLI.--The Rainbow.

When the old man had thus spoken, Aquila answered: |As you yourself proposed that any one who pleased should have an opportunity of answering to what you might say, my brother Niceta permits me to conduct the argument today.| Then the old man: |Go on, my son, as you please.| And Aquila answered: |You promised that you would show that there are many things in the world which have a form and species arranged by equal reason, which yet it is evident were not effected by God as their Creator. Now, then, as you have promised, point out these things.| Then said the old man: |Behold, we see the bow in the heaven assume a circular shape, completed in all proportion, and have an appearance of reality, which perhaps neither mind could have constructed nor reason described; and yet it is not made by any mind. Behold, I have set forth the whole in a word: now answer me.|
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