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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

831. -- Hymn at Sea.

831. 8s. M. H. F. Gould. Hymn at Sea.

1 O Thou who hast spread out the skies,
And measured the depths of the sea,
'Twixt heavens and ocean shall rise
Our incense of praises to thee.

2 We know that thy presence is near
While heaves our bark far from the land; --
We ride o'er the deep without fear; --
The waters are held in thy hand.

3 Eternity comes in the sound
Of billows that never can sleep!
There's Deity circling us round, --
Omnipotence walks o'er the deep!

4 O Father, our eye is to thee,
As on for the haven we roll;
And faith in our Pilot shall be
An anchor to steady the soul.

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