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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

729. -- The Same.

729. C. M. Mrs. Sawyer. The Same.

1 We gather in the name of God,
And, bowing down the head,
We stretch our waiting hands abroad,
And humbly ask for aid:
For aid, when o'er the spirit's day,
Thick clouds of darkness rest,
That we may chase the gloom away,
And light the darkened breast.

2 For strength to lead the poor, the weak
Who tread the vale of years, --
For pity's hand to dry the cheek
Where sorrow sits in tears;
For hope, the beautiful and bright,
That whispers, |Ne'er despond!|
For faith, that through the darkest night
Still sees a star beyond.

3 Bold heralds of the cross, O God,
Undaunted send us forth;
Salvation be our rallying word, --
Our field, the boundless earth;
Love on our lips, and in our soul,
Our labors never done;
O Sovereign Helper! till the goal
By all at last be won.

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