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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

714. -- The Same.

714. H. M. Mrs. Case. The Same.

1 Lord! on thy Zion's wall
A faithful watchman stands,
And hears the solemn call
Of anxious, waiting bands,
Who seek along the waning night
For heralds of thy coming light.

2 Oh, may he never sleep
Upon his weary post,
Nor shrink, though round him sweep
The storm's embattled host;
But, whatsoe'er the night may be,
Stand firm in duty and in thee!

3 And let his visioned eye
Rest on the truth sublime,
That sin and woe shall fly
Before advancing time,
Till in thine own eternal day
The latest tear hath passed away.

4 And when his watch is done,
Oh, let unclouded light,
From heaven's all glorious sun
Gleam on his closing sight: --
That all who see his death, shall know
His spirit walked with thee below.

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