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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

670. -- Infant Baptism.

670. 7s. M. Bowring. Infant Baptism.

1 Drop the limpid waters now
On the infant's sinless brow;
Dedicate the unfolding gem
Unto Him, who blessed the stem.

2 Let our aspirations be
Innocent as infancy;
Pure the prayers that force their way,
As the child for whom we pray.

3 In the Christian garden we
Plant another Christian tree;
Be its blossoms and its fruit
Worthy of the Christian root.

4 To that garden now we bring
Waters from the living spring;
Bless the tree, the waters bless,
Holy One! with holiness.

5 When life's harvests all are past,
Oh, transplant the tree at last,
To the fields where flower and tree
Blossom through eternity.

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