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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter VIII--Instincts.

When the old man had said this, I Clement said to him: |Hear, my father: if my brother Niceta bring you to acknowledge that the world is not governed without the providence of God, I shall be able to answer you in that part which remains concerning the genesis; for I am well acquainted with this doctrine.| And when I had thus spoken, my brother Aquila said: |What is the use of our calling him father, when we are commanded to call no man father upon earth?| Then, looking to the old man, he said, |Do not take it amiss, my father, that I have found fault with my brother for calling you father, for we have a precept not to call any one by that name.| When Aquila said that, all the assembly of the bystanders, as well as the old man and Peter, laughed. And when Aquila asked the reason of their all laughing, I said to him: |Because you yourself do the very thing which you find fault with in another; for you called the old man father.| But he denied it, saying: |I am not aware that I called him father.| Meantime Peter was moved with certain suspicions, as he told us afterwards; and looking to Niceta, he said, |Go on with what you have proposed.|
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