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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter XIX.--Peter's Reflections on the Story.

While she was speaking, Peter, being distracted with much thought, stood like one thunder-struck; and I Clement coming up, said: |I have been seeking you everywhere, and now what are we to do?| But he commanded me to go before him to the ship, and there to wait for him; and because he must not be gainsayed, I did as he commanded me. But he, as he afterwards told me the whole, being struck with a sort of suspicion, asked of the woman her family, and her country, and the names of her sons; |and straightway,| he said, |if you tell me these things, I shall give you the remedy.| But she, like one suffering violence, because she would not confess these things, and yet was desirous of the remedy, feigned one thing after another, saying that she was an Ephesian, and her husband a Sicilian, and giving false names to her sons. Then Peter, supposing that she had answered truly, said: |Alas! O woman, I thought that some great joy should spring up to us to-day; for I suspected that you were a certain woman, concerning whom I lately learned certain like things.| But she adjured him, saying: |I entreat you to tell me what they are, that I may know if amongst women there be one more unfortunate than myself.|
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