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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter VII.--Peter's Humility.

But I trembled when I heard this, and my tears immediately gushed forth, because so great a man, who is worth more than the whole world, had addressed such a proposal to me. Then he, when he saw me weeping, inquired the reason; and I answered him: |How have I so sinned against you, that you should distress me with such a proposal?| Then Peter: |If it is evil that I said I should serve you, you were first in fault in saying the same thing to me.| Then said I: |The cases are not alike: for it becomes me to do this to you; but it is grievous that you, who are sent as the herald of the Most High God to save the souls of men, should say it to me.| Then said Peter: |I should agree with you, were it not that our Lord, who came for the salvation of the whole world, and who was nobler than any creature, submitted to be a servant, that He might persuade us not to be ashamed to perform the ministry of servants to our brethren.| Then said I: |It were foolishness in me to suppose that I can prevail with you; nevertheless I give thanks to the providence of God, because I have merited to have you instead of parents.|
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