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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

Infidel Books.

If you stop to ask yourself why you don't believe in Christ, is there really any reason? People read infidel books and wonder, why they are unbelievers, I ask why they read such books. They think they must read both sides. I say that book is a lie, how can it be one side when it is a lie? It is not one side at all. Suppose a man tells right down lies about my family, and I read them so as to hear both sides; it would not be long before some suspicion would creep into my mind. I said to a man once, |Have you got a wife?| |Yes, and a good one.| I asked: |Now what if I should come to you and cast out insinuations against her?| And he said, |Well your life would not be safe long if you did.| I told him just to treat the devil as he would treat a man who went around with such stories. We are not to blame for having doubts flitting through our minds, but for harboring them. Let us go out trusting the Lord with heart and soul to-day.

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