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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

Sambo and the Infidel Judge.

Once there was a Judge who had a colored man. The colored man was very godly, and the Judge used to have him to drive him around in his circuit. The Judge used often to talk with him, and the colored man would tell the Judge about his religious experience, and about his battles and conflicts. One day the Judge said to him, |Sambo, how is it that you Christians are always talking about the conflicts you have with Satan. I am better off than you are. I don't have any conflicts or trouble, and yet I am an infidel and you are a Christian -- always in a muss-how's that, Sambo?| This floored the colored man for a while. He didn't know how to meet the old infidel's argument. So he shook his head sorrowfully and said: |I dunno. Massa, I dunno.| The Judge always carried a gun along with him for hunting. Pretty soon they came to a lot of ducks. The Judge took his gun and blazed away at them, and wounded one and killed another. The Judge said quickly, |You jump in, Sambo, and get that wounded duck before he gets off,| and did not pay any attention to the dead one. In went Sambo for the wounded duck and came out reflecting. The colored man then thought he had an illustration. He said to the Judge: |I hab 'im now, Massa, I'se able to show you how de Christian hab greater conflict den de infidel. Don't you know de moment you wounded dat ar duck, how anxious you was to get 'im out, and you didn't care for de dead duck, but just lef 'im alone!| |Yes,| said the Judge. |Well,| said Sambo, |ye see as how dat ar dead duck's a sure thing. I'se wounded, and I tries to get away from de debbil. It takes trouble to catch me. But, massa, you are a dead duck -- dar is no squabble for you. The debbil have you |sure!| So the devil has no conflict with the infidel.

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