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Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases by Grenville Kleiser


HOW TO BUILD MENTAL POWER A book of thorough training for all the faculties of the mind. Octa cloth, [USD]3.00, net; by mail, [USD]3.16.

HOW TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC A practical self-instructor for lawyers, clergymen, teachers, businessmen, and others. Cloth, 543 pages, [USD]1.50. net; by mail, [USD]1.615.

HOW TO DEVELOP SELF-CONFIDENCE IN SPEECH AND MANNER A book of practical inspiration: trains men to rise above mediocrity and fearthought to their great possibilities. Commended to ambitious men. Cloth.320 pages, [USD]1.50. net; by mail, [USD]1.65.

HOW TO DEVELOP POWER AND PERSONALITY IN SPEAKING Practical suggestions in English, word-building, imagination, memory conversation, and extemporaneous speaking. Cloth, 422 pages, [USD]1.50 net; by mail, [USD]1.65.

HOW TO READ AND DECLAIM A course of instruction in reading and declamation which will develop graceful carriage, correct standing, and accurate enunciation; and will furnish abundant exercise in the use of the best examples of prose and poetry. Cloth, [USD]1.50, net; by mail, [USD]1.65.

GREAT SPEECHES AND HOW TO MAKE THEM In this work Mr. Kleiser points out methods by which young men may acquire and develop the essentials of forcible public speaking. Cloth [USD]1.50, net; by mail, [USD]1.65.

HOW TO ARGUE AND WIN Ninety-nine men in a hundred know how to argue to one who can argue and win. This book tells how to acquire this power. Cloth, 320 pages, [USD]1.50, net; by mail, [USD]1.65,

HUMOROUS HITS AND HOW TO HOLD AN AUDIENCE A collection of short stories, selections and sketches for all occasions. Cloth, 326 pages, [USD]1.25, net; by mail. [USD]1.37.

COMPLETE GUIDE TO PUBLIC SPEAKING The only extensive, comprehensive encyclopedic work of its kind ever issued. The best advice by the world's great authorities upon oratory, preaching, platform and pulpit delivery, voice-building, argumentation, debate, rhetoric, personal power, mental development, etc. Cloth, 655 pages, [USD]5.00: by mail. [USD]5.24.

Practical suggestions for developing naturalness, sincerity, and effectiveness in conversation. Cloth, [USD]1.00, net; by mail, [USD]1.08.

FIFTEEN THOUSAND USEFUL PHRASES A practical handbook of felicitous expressions for enriching the vocabulary.12 mo, cloth, [USD]1.60, net; by mail. [USD]1.72.

INSPIRATION AND IDEALS Practical help and inspiration in right thinking and right living.12 mo, cloth, [USD]1.25, net: by mail, [USD]1.37.

THE WORLD'S GREAT SERMONS Masterpieces of Pulpit Oratory and biographical sketches of the speakers. Cloth, 10 volumes. Write for terms.

GRENVILLE KLEISER'S PERSONAL LESSONS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING and the Development of Self-Confidence, Mental Power, and Personality. Twenty-five lessons, with special handbooks, side-talks, personal letters. etc. Write for terms.

GRENVILLE KLEISER'S PERSONAL LESSONS IN PRACTICAL ENGLISH Twenty lessons, with Daily Drills, special books, personal letters, etc. Write for terms.

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