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A Practical Directory For Young Christian Females by Harvey Newcomb




1. Sacred and Ecclesiastical History. -- Josephus' Works; Millar's History of the Church; Jahn's Hebrew Commonwealth, Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History; Milner's Church History; Scott's Continuation of Milner; Life of Knox; Gilpin's Lives of the Reformers; Fuller's and Warner's Ecclesiastical History of England; Millar's Propagation of Christianity; Gillies' Historical Collections; Jones' Church History; Mather's Magnalia; Neale's History of the Puritans; Wisner's History of the Old South Church, Boston; Bogue and Bennett's History of the Dissenters; Benedict's History of the Baptists; Life of Wesley; History of Methodism; Life of Whitefield; Millar's Life of Dr. Rodgers; Crantz's Ancient and Modern History of the Church of the United Brethren; Crantz's History of the Mission in Greenland; Loskiel's History of the North American Indian Missions; Oldendorp's History of the Danish Missions of the United Brethren; Choules' Origin and History of Missions. Those who have not sufficient time for so extensive a course, may find the most interesting and important events in the progress of the church during the first sixteen centuries of the Christian era, in the author's Sabbath-school Church History.

2. Secular and Profane History. -- Rollin's Ancient History; Russel's Egypt; Russel's Palestine; Plutarch's Lives, to be kept on hand, and consulted as the names appear in history; Wharton's Histories; Beloe's Herodotus; Travels of Anacharsis; Mitford's Greece; Ferguson's History of the Roman Republic; Baker's Livy; Middleton's Life of Cicero; Murphy's Tacitus; Sismondi's Decline of the Roman Empire; Muller's Universal History; Hallam's History of the Middle Ages; James' Life of Charlemagne; Mills' History of the Crusades and of Chivalry; Turner's History of England; Burnett's History of his own Times; Robertson's History of Scotland; Robertson's Charles V.; Vertot's Revolutions of Sweden; Vertot's Revolutions of Portugal; Sismondi's History of the Italian Republics, (abridged in Lardner's Cabinet of History;) Roscoe's Lorenzo de Medici and Leo X.; Sketches from Venetian History; Malcolm's History of Persia; Irving's Life of Columbus; Prescott's Ferdinand and Isabella; Robertson's History of America; Bancroft's History of America; Winthrop's Journal; Ramsay's American Revolution; Marshall's Life of Washington; with the Biographies of Penn, Jay, Hamilton, Henry, Greene, Otis, Quincy, Morris, the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, Sparks' American Biography, with the Lives of any other distinguished Americans; Scott's Life of Napoleon.


Paley's Evidences; Chalmers' Evidences of Christianity; Halyburton against the Deists; Brown's Compendium of Natural and Revealed Religion; Dwight's Theology; Bates' Harmony of the Divine Attributes; Edwards on Original Sin; Watts' Ruin and Recovery; Dr. Woods on Native Depravity; Fuller's Works; Payson's Sermons; Boston's Fourfold State; Edwards' History of Redemption; Dr. Owen on the Death and Satisfaction of Christ; Butler's Analogy; Cole on the Sovereignty of God; Griffin on Divine Efficiency; Charnock on the Dominion of God in his Works; Edwards' Sermons; King, Toplady, Cooper, and Tucker, on Predestination; Whitby and Gill on the Five Points; Wesley's Predestination Considered; Edwards and Day on the Will; Scott's Essays; Colquhoun on the Covenants; Evans on the Atonement; Griffin on the Atonement; Stewart on the Atonement; Jenkyn on the Atonement; Witherspoon on Regeneration; Doddridge's Ten Sermons on Regeneration; Dr. Owen on the Spirit; Hinton on the Spirit; Works of Robert Hall; Dr. Owen on the 130th Psalm; Scott's Treatise on Repentance; Young's Last Day; Watts on Death and Heaven; Saurin's Sermons; Baxter's Saint's Rest; Chalmers' Works.

Cotton's Power of the Keys; Hooker's Survey of the Sum of Church Discipline; Owen's Inquiry into the Nature of Churches; Mitchell's Guide; Hall's View of a Gospel Church; Brown's Vindication of the Presbyterian Form of Government; Dr. Miller on the Office of Ruling Elder; King's Constitution of the Church; Stillingfleet's Origines Sacrae; Dr. Woods on Infant Baptism; The Baptized Child; Household Consecration: Robinson's History of Baptism.


Burner's Memoirs; Memoirs of Isabella Graham, Mrs. Huntington, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Harriet Newell, and Mrs. Paterson: Philip Henry; Oberlin; Francke; Neff; Payson; Henry Martyn; Brainerd; Howard; Dr. Hopkins; President Edwards; Mrs. Emily Egerton; Mrs. Myra W. Allen: Rev. Samuel Davies; Lives of Maclaurin, Baxter, Doddridge, Owen, Watts, Howe, Mather, Dwight; Gill, Banyan, Robinson, Andrew Fuller, Hall; Fletcher, Asbury, Clarke, Watson; Cecil, Fenelon. Mrs. Judson, James B. Taylor, Rev. Joseph Emerson, Harlan Page; Mrs. Winslow, Parsons and Fiske, Gordon Hall; Life of Schwartz.

Lives of Henry Kirke White, Elizabeth Smith: Johnson's Lives of the Poets; Life of Johnson; Teignmouth's Life of Sir William Jones; Southey's Life and Correspondence of Cowper.


1. Works on the Prophecies. -- Bishop Newton's Dissertations; Keith; Smith's Key to the Revelation; Sir Isaac Newton's Observations on the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse; Gray's Key to the Old Testament; Faber on the Prophecies.

2. On Christian Character, Experience, and Duty. -- Edwards on Religious Affections; Doddridge's Rise and Progress; Owen on Indwelling Sin; Serle's Christian Remembrancer; Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress; Scougal's Life of God in the Soul; Howe's Blessedness of the Righteous; Owen on Spiritual-Mindedness; Leighton on Peter; Baxter's Practical Works; Flavel's Works; Prayer experimentally considered; Abbott's Young Christian, and Path of Peace; Gallaudet's Every-day Christian; Works of Robert Philip; Dr. Skinner's Religion of the Bible; The Great Teacher, by Harris; The American Tract Society's Evangelical Family Library, which includes some of the works above named.

3. On the Instruction and Discipline of the Young. -- Abercrombie on the Intellectual Powers; Abbott's Teacher; Abbott's Mother at Home; Mother's Friend; Mother's Magazine; Todd's Sabbath-school Teacher; Hannah More's Letters on Female Education.

4. Illustrations of Scriptures. -- The Comprehensive Commentary, to be referred to in connection with the study of the Bible; Townsend's Bible, for its chronological information and notes.

5. Health. -- Combe on the Constitution; Catechism of Health; Carnaro on Temperance.

6. Travels. -- Bruce's Travels In Abyssinia; Denon's Travels in Egypt; Belzoni's Personal Narrative; Humboldt's Personal Narrative; Clarke's Travels in Russia; Mackenzie's Travels in Iceland; Mungo Park's Mission to Africa; Denham's and Clapperton's Mission to Africa; Lander's Journal; Sismondi's Italy, France, and England; Dr. Humphrey's Tour; Rome in the 19th Century; Buchanan's Researches; The Christian Brahmin; Ramsey's Journal; Ellis' Polynesian Researches; Stewart's Voyage in the South Seas; Tyerman and Bennett's Journal; Williams' Missionary Enterprise in the South Sea Islands; Reed and Matheson's Journal; Journals of the Missionaries, in the bound volumes of the Missionary Herald.

7. The Sciences. -- Watts on the Mind; Locke on the Human Understanding; Brown's Lectures on the Philosophy of the Mind; Douglass on the Advancement of Society; Dick's Works; The Bridgewater Treatises; Mrs. B.'s Conversations on Philosophy and Chemistry; Wayland's Moral Science, and Political Economy.

8. Belles Lettres. -- Hannah More's Works; Jane Taylor's Works; Madame de Stael; Johnson's Rasselas; Selections from the Spectator and Rambler. Poems of Milton, Young, Dryden, Cowper, Thomson, Montgomery, Hemans, Sigourney, Tappan.

9. Promiscuous. -- Mrs. Farrar's Young Ladies' Friend; Mrs. Sigourney's Letters to Young Ladies; Female Student, by Mrs. Phelps.

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