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The English Church In The Eighteenth Century by Charles J. Abbey


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The dates indicating the editions used are inserted for the convenience of those who desire to verify quotations.

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'Defensio Fidei Nicaenae.'
'Judicium Ecclesiae Catholicae.'
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'Enquiry into the Ground, &c. of Religion,' 1740.
'True Gospel of Jesus Christ asserted' (2nd Ed.), 1741. 'True Gospel of Jesus Christ vindicated,' 1739.
'Discourse on Miracles,' 1741.
'Enquiry concerning Redemption,' 1741.
'Ground and Foundations of Morality Considered,' 1745. 'Collection of Tracts,' 1733-45.

Church of England, 'Free from Imputation of Popery,' 1683. 'Vindicated,' 1801.
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