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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter VI.--A Congregation.

|But enough has been said of these things for time presses, and the religious devotion of the people invites us to address them.| And when he had thus spoken, he asked where there was a suitable place for discussion. And Maro said: |I have a very spacious hall which can hold more than five hundred men, and there is also a garden within the house; or if it please you to be in some public place, all would prefer it, for there is nobody who does not desire at least to see your face.| Then Peter said: |Show me the hall, or the garden.| And when he had seen the hall, he went in to see the garden also; and suddenly the whole multitude, as if some one had called them, rushed into the house, and thence broke through into the garden, where Peter was already standing, selecting a fit place for discussion.
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