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A Birds-eye View Of The Bible by Frank Nelson Palmer


The Revelation Page


I. Author.

II. Place and Date of Writing.

III. Leading Verses:

The thought of the verse and the number of the chapter are given. Find the verse and record it.

3. The Christian's Feast.

14. The Blessed Dead.

22. A Description of Christ.

22. The Last Invitation.

IV. Leading Chapters:

2 and 3. Letters to the Seven Churches.

20. The Millennium.

21, 22. The New Jerusalem.

V. Questions:

1. This book is a revelation of whom, to whom, sent by whom?

2. Who is described in Chapter 1?

3. Draw map of Asia Minor and locate the seven churches, also Isle of Patmos.

4. What phrase and what sentence are common to the seven letters?

5. As you turn the pages of the book, by what name do you note that the Lord is most frequently called?

6. Name the three chief events prophesied in the millennium chapter.

7. Name seven negative descriptions of |the holy city| in Chapters 21 and 22.

8. Name two occupations of the inhabitants of |the holy city| mentioned in Chapter 22.

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