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A Birds-eye View Of The Bible by Frank Nelson Palmer



This book is designed to be used in Bible Study Classes in churches, in communities, in academies, in colleges. The author has endeavored to furnish a text book of outlines and questions that shall unfold the general contents of the Word of God. Its primary aim is to impart a swift and comprehensive acquaintanceship with the material of the books of the Bible.


It is not an exhaustive study. From its aim it could not be such. Some of the sixty-six books are passed over in brief space, and some (chiefly in the prophecies and epistles) are omitted altogether. It is a surface study. The title so suggests. It does not enter into the deeper things. It simply aims to lay bare the surface facts. It is expressly designed to serve as a foundation for later detailed searching of the Word. It is flexible. The teacher can add or subtract as time or local conditions demand, and is earnestly exhorted so to do. One book may be omitted and another added at the teacher's discretion. A part of the questions may be omitted, or additional ones inserted. The outlines may be enlarged or diminished or changed to suit the needs of the class according to the teacher's personal judgment.


Let each scholar be provided with a cheap tablet, a well-bound blank book of two hundred pages, a small Bible Dictionary of recognized merit, and a copy of the American Revised Version of the Bible. (Standard Edition of Nelson & Sons, 1901, bourgeois 8vo, is good.) The teacher should provide for reference, to which the pupils should have constant access, a copy of the Rand-McNally Bible Atlas, by J.L. Hurlbut, D.D., a copy of Young's Complete Analytical Concordance, and a copy of a large and complete Bible Dictionary.


To secure the best results the following plan, tested by experience, is suggested: Let the assigned lesson be wrought out and recorded by the pupil in the cheap tablet. At the next recitation let this recorded lesson be read and corrected. At the following recitation this lesson first assigned and corrected is to be recited from memory. So at each recitation the following will be the general order: (1) The assigning of the advance lesson. (2) The reading and correction of the lesson assigned at the previous recitation. (3) The reciting from memory of the lesson corrected at the previous recitation.

The work as soon as corrected is to be recorded by the scholar in the blank book according to a simple set of rules. The following rules have been used with good results:


1. Record each lesson the evening after its correction. (Commit the work, as you record, for recital.)

2. Begin each large division at the top of the page.

3. Capitalize and underline all headings.

4. Leave a vacant line between small divisions.

5. Where questions are used, record both questions and answers.

6. The books will be graded substantially as follows:

Correctness of record, 35. (Includes spelling and grammar.)

Fullness of record, 35.

Neatness and care, 10.

Mechanical accuracy, 10.

Originality, 10.

It would be well to place a printed copy of these rules in the hands of each student, to be pasted in the front of the blank book. These blank books should be examined and graded every four or six weeks and should constitute at least a third of the student's grade. The recording of the work in the blank books may be omitted in the community or church classes, at the option of the teacher. But the record of the work by pencil in a cheap tablet should be insisted upon as absolutely necessary for the best results. In the academy and college classes the painstaking record in ink has been found by experience to be a most valuable portion of the study.

Let the teacher review constantly. Drill the students, singly and collectively, in the recitation material. Emphasize the avoidance of mechanical study. Secure as much consecutive reading of the Word as possible. Feed upon rich truths. Make practical and personal applications of the Word. |All Scripture is profitable.|

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