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The Otterbein Hymnal by Edmund S. Lorenz

421 Is Your Lamp Still Burning? P.M.

Waiting His Coming.

Are you Christ's light bearer?
Of his joy a sharer?
Is this dark world fairer
For your cheering ray?
Is your beacon lighted,
Guiding souls benighted
To the land of perfect day?

Cho. -- Oh, brother, is your lamp trimmed and burning? Is the world made brighter by its cheering ray?
Are you ever waiting
For your Lord's returning?
Are you watching day by day?

2 Is your heart warm glowing,
With his love o'erflowing,
And his goodness showing
More and more each day?
Are you pressing onward,
With Christ's faithful vanguard,
In the safe and narrow way?

3 Keep your altars burning,
Wait your Lord's returning,
While your heart's deep yearning
Draws him ever near;
With his radiance splendid
Shall your light be blended
When his glory shall appear?

Priscilla J. Owens.

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