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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter XXXIX.--Immortality of the Soul.

Then said Simon: |The one point on which I should wish to be satisfied is, whether the soul is immortal; for I cannot take up the burden of righteousness unless I know first concerning the immortality of the soul; for indeed if it is not immortal, the profession of your preaching cannot stand.| Then said Peter: |Let us first inquire whether God is just; for if this were ascertained, the perfect order of religion would straight-way be established.| Then Simon: |With all your boasting of your knowledge of the order of discussion, you seem to me now to have answered contrary to order; for when I ask you to show whether the soul is immortal, you say that we must first inquire whether God is just.| Then said Peter: |That is perfectly right and regular.| Simon: |I should wish to learn how.|
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