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The Otterbein Hymnal by Edmund S. Lorenz

269 Even Me. 8s & 7s.

Pass Me Not. (523)

Lord! I hear of showers of blessing,
Thou art scattering, broad and free;
Showers, the thirsty land refreshing;
Let their fullness fall on me.

Ref. -- Even me, even me,
Let their fullness fall on me.

2 Pass me not, oh, gracious Father!
Sinful, though my heart may be;
Thou might'st curse me, but the rather
Let thy mercy fall on me.

3 Pass me not, oh, tender Savior!
Let me love and cling to thee;
I am longing for thy favor;
When thou comest, call for me.

4 Pass me not, oh, mighty Spirit!
Thou canst make the blind to see;
Witnesser of Jesus' merit,
Speak the word of power to me.

5 Have I long in sin been sleeping,
Long been slighting, grieving thee?
Has the world my heart been keeping?
Oh! forgive and rescue me.

6 Love of God, so pure and changeless, --
Blood of God, so rich and free, --
Grace of God, so strong and boundless, --
Magnify them all in me.

Elizabeth Coduer, 1860.

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