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The Otterbein Hymnal by Edmund S. Lorenz

231 When the Door is Shut. P.M.

The Present Invitation.

The door of salvation is open wide,
And Jesus invites you to come;
While mercy and pardon await within,
Oh, enter while yet there is room.

Ref. -- When the door once is shut,
To entreat will be vain;
'Twill never, no, never
Be opened again.

2 The feast of the gospel awaits its guests,
The day and the hour are at hand;
Ye hungry and perishing souls, draw near;
Oh, why do you doubtingly stand?

3 Dear friends, if you ever should stand without,
And plead for admittance in vain,
You'd think of the Savior's entreating voice,
And long for this moment again.

M. E. Servoss.

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