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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter LXVIII.--The Visible and the Invisible Heaven.

To this Simon answered: |It seems to me to be better to believe simply that God is, and that that heaven which we see is the only heaven in the whole universe.| But Peter said: |Not so; but it is proper to confess one God who truly is; but that there are heavens, which were made by Him, as also the law says, of which one is the higher, in which also is contained the visible firmament; and that that higher heaven is perpetual and eternal, with those who dwell in it; but that this visible heaven is to be dissolved and to pass away at the end of the world, in order that that heaven which is older and higher may appear after the judgment to the holy and the worthy.| To this Simon answered: |That these things are so, as you say, may appear to those who believe them; but to him who seeks for reasons of these things, it is impossible that they can be produced from the law, and especially concerning the immensity of light.|
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